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Version 8

Build 4993

What's New

Installation Notes

Known Issues & Workarounds


Last updated May, 2015


Welcome to T-Plan Release 8

T-Plan Release 8 brings a number of exciting new features to enhance the capabilities of toolset. It also includes a number of bug fixes from the previous releases of T-Plan.

 What's New In Release 8

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The following is a list of new features added to this release. For further details about any feature, please refer to support@t-plan.com.

Version Management

Provided as an extension, the new Version Management module features the ability to create snapshots of hierarchy nodes across each of the modules. Snapshots can then be compared against each other or to the current state of your testing data.

The ability to create version snapshots is restricted by permissions allowing you to have tight control over your version management data.

VBA Macro Utility

An extremely powerful utility allowing you to further expand the capabilities and even the workings of T-Plan through VBA Macros. These can be created internally or imported from external sources.
*Please use with caution*

New Combined Installer

The installation process has now been drastically simplified for the entire product suite through a single WiX installer. The central installation allows the core product and any desired extensions to be loaded along with any pre-requisites with the need for additional setups.

Support for SQL2012

Various underlying changes have been made to ensure compatibility with SQL2012 and onwards. This will be an ongoing process to keep in line with each SQL release.



 Installation Notes

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Upgrading T-Plan Professional / T-Plan Incident Manager

If you are upgrading from an earlier release of T-Plan, it is recommended that you first uninstall T-Plan before installing this release.

After installation, you should check the version by selecting the About option from the top level menu. The indicated build number should be set to 4993

After upgrading, you will be required to migrate your project databases. This can be done from within T-Plan Administrator. Your users will not be able to log into any of your databases until they have been migrated.

Please note that the migration process is not reversible. It is strongly recommended that you take backup copies of you databases before migrating.

 Known Issues and Workarounds

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The following is a list of issues still outstanding at the time of release. For further details about any feature, please refer to support@t-plan.com.

Applying to T-Plan Suite

PRB-2374 Desktop T-Plan shortcuts are no longer supported.

Applying to T-Plan Professional

PRB-2388 When adding screenshots in Script Instructions it is recommend to use .jpeg files rather than .bmp file formats.

PRB-2409 Use of apostrophes in Attribute Names or values causes Filter Query's to fail.

Applying to T-Plan Incident Manager

PRB-2441 When Microsoft Word is set as Notes Editor, the MS Word Ribbon remains at the top of the screen even when you are not in the Notes view of an entity.


Questions or comments

If you have any questions for our technical support staff, please contact us at support@t-plan.com. You can also phone +44(0)1209 614714. If you have any questions about the documentation, please contact us at support@t-plan.com. Corporate Web Site at: www.t-plan.com.